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Get Those Creative Juices Flowing With Bindeez: Made In China

by | 7th, November 2007

“YOUR kids are busy creating great art with the fascinating Bindeez and you are free to make some important phone calls, read a book or watch a daytime soap!”

The manufacturer of the arts and crafts toy is aiming at a key demographic – consumers who make important phone calls and watch daytime telly. They are aiming at journalists.

And it comes to his writer’s notice that the toy does exactly what it promises. It is a font of creativity. And if the creative juices don’t flow, giving your Bindeex toy a good lick might help. As the Telegraph puts it: “A popular toy has been withdrawn from shops because of fears it may contain a potentially lethal hallucinogenic drug.”

Health authorities in New South Wales found the toy’s sticky beads to be covered in a chemical which, if swallowed, changes into a compound similar to GBH – what the Telegraph calls the “date rape drug”.

Journalists and daytime telly watchers might call it Liquid ecstasy, Juice, GBL, BDO, GBH, Blue Nitro, Midnight Blue, RenewTrient, Reviarent, SomatoPro, Serenity, Enliven or the chemical name gammahydroxybutyrate. The date rape drug was thought to be rohypnol, or roofies, although we bow to the hacks at the Telegraph’s knowledge.

Meanwhile, the Toy Retailers Association’s chairman, Gary Grant, says: “They have been selling very well in recent weeks.”

But not selling so well just now. As reported, the toy, made in China, has been purged from the shelves of Argos and Woolworths. But there is no product recall.

Which leaves little Armani free to play all day, and auction off any unwanted beads to her imaginative school pals…

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