Anorak News | Benazir Bhutto Under House Arrest: Pakistanis Irrelevant

Benazir Bhutto Under House Arrest: Pakistanis Irrelevant

by | 9th, November 2007

BBC reports: “Pakistani opposition leader Benazir Bhutto has been placed under house arrest and her home surrounded by security forces.

“The move came as she tried to leave her Islamabad residence to join a planned rally in nearby Rawalpindi.

“The United States has criticised the move saying that she must be “permitted freedom of movement.”

Outside the house:

The police presence outside Benazir Bhutto’s house has been growing throughout the day.

Ms Bhutto says her supporters will continue to oppose Gen Musharraf

They’ve just added a couple of lines of columns of barbed wire at the end of the road where her house is situated.

She has been trying to get out of her house at least to speak to the media, even if not to be able to address the supporters.

We’re told she got past one road block but was unable to get past the next and she has now been served with this detention order.


The only way to explain why the US and its allies do not abandon a leader who is less popular with his people than the terrorist whom he is being paid billions to hunt is that the people of Pakistan are considered irrelevant in discussions about Pakistan.


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