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Global Warming: Adopt A Polar Bear

by | 9th, November 2007

POLAR BEAR WATCH – Anorak’s look at polar bears in the Global Warming news

A LOOK to the online Drudge Report and we are invited to roll our computer mouse over the polar bear and help the creature reach the last blimp of ice on Earth.

We roll. The bear swims. But it’s not enough. The ice melts. Bear sinks. A message appears: “As the Arctic ice disappears, so does the bear’s chance of survival.”

“ACT NOW! ADOPT NOW! Before it’s game over for the polar bear.”

We’ve played better games. Pacman. Space Invaders. Stick In The Mud. But we are good sports at Anorak and we click the bear.

And we are greated by another message: “If the ice disappears then it will be game over for the polar bear. Act now. Adopt now. From £2.50 a month you can adopt a Svalbard polar bear. With your continual support we can do more to help the polar bear in its struggle for survival.”

The advert touches our inner Angelina Jolie and we hand over the money. “Order now
for Christmas.”

As the World Wide Life Fund tells us: “…experts predict that Arctic sea ice could disappear completely in summer by 2040.”

Your polar bear will not live beyond then. Polar Bears International tells us that in the wild bears usually live between 15 and 18 years. It is unlikely you will have to take delivery of your bear and house it.

And more good news. Should your polar bear be the one chosen to be the face of global warming, you might make your investment back in appearance fees and royalties, and then some.

So why wait? Hurry while stocks last…

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