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Immigration: Ken Livingstone V Gordon Brown

by | 12th, November 2007

DIZZY notes: “Internal split over integration and immigration looms for Brown

According to the Government, in order to ensuring that immigrants to Britian are integrated we need to amongst other things, cut translation service and teach English, introduce lessons on British life, as well as providing guidance for social norms so immigrants can adapt to British life. The Government takes such matters so seriously in relation to community cohesion that they have increased the spending on such projects from £2 million to £50 million.

Meanwhile, the London Mayor, Ken Livingstone, has just finished a consultation called “London Enriched: the Mayor’s draft strategy for refugee integration in London” which makes clear that the Mayor believes integration is “not about adapting to a given norm”. One of Livingstone’s official’s made this clear at a recent meeting of London Council’s saying that as far as the Mayor was concerned there should be no notion that foreign migrants to Britain should adapt to existing norms in the defintion of integration.

It’s well known that these two men despise each other, the question is which one will win? Lord Protector Brown or King Newt Livingstone?

People mix. Things change. Humans adapt… 



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