Anorak News | Casino News: One-Legged Bandit Strikes Rachel Hunter

Casino News: One-Legged Bandit Strikes Rachel Hunter

by | 12th, November 2007

DESPITE giving her all in a tight bodice and heels, Penny Lancaster has been dismissed from the Strictly Come Dancing pro-celebrity dance troop amid controversial scenes, of a force not witnessed since last week.

With a high kick that renders games of leap frog with shorter husband Rod Stewart a forgone conclusion, Penny looked capable. And now we read that Rachel Hunter, tall ex-wife of crooner Rod Stewart, is the victim of an “unprovoked attack” at Melbourne’s Crown Casino, Australia.

The Melbourne Herald Sun sees Hunter walking through the foyer of Crown Towers “when a woman ran up behind her and kicked her in the back – knocking Hunter to the floor – before sprinting off”.

Kicked in the back… And then sprinted off… You’d need long legs to reach Hunter’s back. Most of us would only manage to strike her in the buttocks or the back of the knee. And you’d need to be fit to run.

We wonder…

Meanwhile, a woman has been arrested and taken to Royal Melbourne Hospital for a psychological assessment.

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