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We’ve Never Had It So Big: VJ Day For UK Women

by | 16th, November 2007

jordan-massive.jpgNIKKALA, 24, Middlesex, is noticeably mute on the subject that occupies two pages of the Sun.

As the paper announces: “AS M&S MAKE THEIR BIGGEST BRA WE CELEBRATE Loverly Jubblies”.

Marks and Spencer is “trialling” its biggest ever cup: the J. And by way of an aide to recognition, the paper produces a full size J Cup, which is “colossal”.

The one disappointment is that the woman carrying this gargantuan Jordan is not revealed in her entirety. As the Sun says, “For most of us, big breasts mean big fun.” Palm-size permitting, we can handle it.

The Star illustrates the urgency of the J-Cup with a shot of three braless women. Although on close examination, we note that neither Lucy, Sophie nor Malene need a J-cup. But their show of support for women who have been forced to wait is admirable. 

Of course, biggest is not always best. And the Mail’s Femail pages (not health?) sets out to examine why Britain’s women’s figure are getting so much “fuller”. There are accompanying shots of nine women viewed in relief.

The Mail finds it hard to find a single reason for the increased profiles. And we note that while the UK is tops for tops it is also tops for bottoms, thighs and stomachs.

Look out for that in a special five-page pull-out…

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