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Steve And Sunita Are The Met’s Police Pals

by | 20th, November 2007

police-pals.jpgA QUESTION to football fans: have you seen Steve? When you were last being corralled and told to “Sit Down” did you see Steve?

The Mail has a picture of Steve. He looks like Steve King, the blonde, blue-eyed Sutton borough police community support officer. You know Steve, the one with the huge foam face, implacable eyes and perma-grin. Steve’s the copper the Met uses to remind children that the Foam Tops are your friends and not all after your alcopops.

Children may burst into tears upon seeing Steve. But Steve cannot work alone. Gurus at police headquarters have now equipped Steve with a girlfriend called Sunita. They are Police Pals.

Steve and Sunita are Britain’s first Safer Neighbourhood Team, created by the force’s Diversity Citizen Focus Directorate.

They make a fine pair. And would-be villains will tread warily with them on the beat.

So too children, who will be reminded that should they step out of line Steve And Sunita will pound their dreams, watching all the time and never pausing to blink.

Keep ’em peeled…

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