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Amy Winehouse’s Spot Of Relief

by | 22nd, November 2007

amy-winehouse-2.jpgPRAISE for Amy Winehouse in Anorak Towers. Years of looking up Kate Moss’s nose have given us not only an inferiority complex but created the impression that all nose insides look the same.

This is not the case, a truth revealed on the Sport’s foremost page. The illustration for “AMY AND THE £16K A DAY DRUGS DEALERS” is a serf’s eye view of the Winehouse right nostril.

Inside and there is a shot of the Winehouse left nostril, which adds a neat balance to the shock story “Pop star takes drugs”.

Winehouse is the Sun’s “AMY WHITENOSE”. The Mirror opts for the lyrical: “They tried to make me go to rehab.. I said nose nose nose.”

But since Winehouse has only one nose (so far) the lyric is misleading. And she has, of course, been to rehab, a notorious place believed full of drugs takers, sex addicts and committed drinkers.

Not going to rehab and mixing with such persons is sage advice. Amy should be applauded…

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