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Hollywood’s Most Hated: Paris Hilton Hates…

by | 28th, November 2007

donald-trump.jpg“WHO HATES WHO IN HOLLYWOOD!” says the National Enquirer’s front page. It’s “ALL NEW”.

It has the makings of a regular feature, and one that should prove to be popular.

There are pictures of Oprah Winfrey, Kid Rock, Paris Hilton, Andy Dick, Rosie
O’Donnell and Tommy Lee.

We’d wager that Oprah hates Kid hates Paris hates Andy hates Rosie hates Tommy hates Oprah.

Or it might be that Kid hates Andy hates Oprah hates Tommy hates Paris hates Rosie hates Kid.

Inside and we learn that Dick hates Jon Lovitz; Rosie hates Donald Trump; Tommy hates Kid; and someone called Donny Bonaduce hates Jonny Fairplay, whose teeth he has, reportedly, damaged.

The most hated celebrity will only become clear once the feature has been running for a few weeks. It will then transfer to TV and appear as Channel 4s 100 Most Hated By People in Hollywood and one Of The 100 Most Hated Programme of all time…

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