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Suri Cruise Is Moulded By Christian Louboutin

by | 30th, November 2007

SOME say to look into Suri’s eyes is to see infinity. Some says she can fly and walks on her hands. Some say, in OK!:

As every leading lady in Hollywood already knows, the must-have fashion accessory for A-list feet is a pair of custom-made shoes by Christian Louboutin, who for $2,500 will create a mold of your foot to hand-craft footwear to your exact specifications — for an additional charge of $500 to $5,000 a pair.

But OK! has learned it’s not just the fashion-savvy adults of Tinseltown who’ve stepped into molds for Louboutin — even little Suri Cruise, at all of 18 months, has gone through the process.

Some say she has five feet…

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