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Lorraine Kelly’s GMTV Features

by | 6th, December 2007

lorraine-kelly-1.jpgNEWS on the Express’s cover page that “TV Lorraine just refuses to cover up.”

The picture is of GMTV presenter Lorraine Kelly showing some cleavage. Anorak readers may find Kelly easy to miss, sandwiched as she is between GMTV’s hairdresser news bulletins and Jeremy Kyle. But no more. She also appears as the Sun’s “LORRAINE SWELLY.”

June Keaton, “the Queen’s lingerie fitter”, also finds Kelly. She appraises the Kelly bosom and spots breasts looking as if “they were talking to each other”.

Maybe they are. Looking on while Lorraine talks with astrologer Russell Grant and GMTV’s resident nice boy Ben Shephard invites many viewers to make their own entertainment.

Says Kelly: “I think they’re not too bad at all. I inherited them from my mum and they’re still perky and doing their job well.”

Second-hand breasts… It’s a GMTV feature we’re been waiting for…

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