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Anne Darwin Shows A Blonde Ambition

by | 10th, December 2007

anne-darwin-2.jpgANNE Darwin looks a little blonder as she appears on the Mirror’s front page. The “CANOE WIFE” of John Darwin seems a brighter version of her formerly grey self.

On the Sun’s cover, (“Canoe come with us to the station”), Anne Darwin is steely grey, her hair one step short of the dandelion bobble so favoured by women of an age.

Anne Darwin is a snowier white on the Mail’s cover page. And grey once more on the cover of the Independent, Guardian and Telegraph.

But the Mirror picture intrigues. Might it be that having broken the Seventh Rule of Tabloid Journalism – No front page should feature a be non-blonde – Anne Darwin is now reverting to type, part of a revamp to best secure herself a claim ‘n’ tell exclusive with a leading tabloid and a spot on Celebrity Big Brother…

Anne Darwin Is Found 

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