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More Celebrities To The Pound In The Daily Telegraph

by | 10th, December 2007

rachelweiss.jpgNO one could ever accuse the Daily Telegraph of short-changing its readers when it comes to pictures of young women with prominent cleavages.

In fact, when the day comes for the paper to raise its cover price to 100 pence, we suggest it incorporate a pair of firm breasts into its masthead, and adopts the slogan: “You DO get many of those to the pound.”

Today’s edition deserves some kind of award for a masterstroke of inventive picture editing.

Carol Platt Liebau (described as a “female academic”) will be delighted that the Telegraph has chosen to report the publication of her new book, Prude: How The Sex-Obsessed Culture Damages Girls.

The author is the managing editor of the Harvard Law Review, and she is critical of society’s “emphasis on sexiness, revealing fashions and the over-valuing of physical appeal”.

Sounds a bit complicated to us. Is there a simpler way of explaining it?

Fortunately, yes. The picture editors have helpfully selected two images that illustrate the point perfectly, and they are reproduced at twice the size of the article itself.

One picture is of Christina Aguilera, the other of Rachel Weisz. Both women are practiced exponents of the art of décolletage, and the photographic plates do full justice to both ladies.

Female readers seeking to develop their own frontal presentation skills are directed to the story immediately below, which is all about bras.

That’s the thing about broadsheets – they’ve got the space to really get to grips with a subject.

Two cracking stories on one page – or, if you prefer, a nice pair.

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