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Tired And Emotional Alan Davies Reaches Out To Homeless

by | 11th, December 2007

“JONATHAN Creek chomped my ear,” says the Mirror. “CLASH!” “BITE!”

The truth is little less shocking as reader learn that Alan Davies, who plays Jonathan Creek on the telly, bit into the ear of one Paul McElfatrick, described as “jobless” and “homeless”.

The Mirror looks on and notes that Davies bit the man’s ear for full 13 seconds.

The build up to this celebrity eats man sensation follows hereunder. Mr Davies does all his own stunts.

The Scene: a pavement outside the Groucho club, London

Paul (Jimmy Nail): “Creek, Mr Creek…”
Davies (himself, approaching): “My name’s Alan. You know my name – Alan. What’s my name? It’s Alan.”

Alan – for that is his name – lunges forward and takes hold of Paul’s ear with his teeth.

Paul: “I’ve seen Alan on TV and he seems so mild mannered. He’s a bit of a mummy’s boy really with his sheepish grin and silly jokes. So when I felt his teeth around my ear I couldn’t believe it… You’d think an educated millionaire like him would have more decency.”

Onlooker: “Groucho guest usually know how to behave with more decorum.”

Davies: “I was very upset and emotional”.

And in keeping with Groucho club regulars, one would argue “tired”.

“The last thing I want is another negative story about ‘that obnoxious Jonathan Creek star.”

Indeed. So how about “Tired and Emotional Alan Sticks Tongue In Tramp’s Ear While Researching New Role As Celebrity Spokesman for Shelter”?


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