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Talent Spotting With The Sun’s Paris Hilton

by | 14th, December 2007

paris-hilton-branding.jpg“I PROMISED not to feature people of limited talent on my page unless they met a set of strict criteria,” says the Sun’s Gordon Smart, his two page dominated by a picture of Paris Hilton.

Smart wants to be like Lloyd Grove, who banned all mention of Paris from his gossip column in the New York Daily News. He stuck to his vow. Grove has now left the paper. Hilton goes on.

Says Grove: “I came to think of Paris as the Human Cheeto. I just couldn’t resist dipping into the nearest Paris bowl and grabbing a salty, yet nutritionless, item (nightclubbing Paris hurls ice cubes at a rival; cover girl Paris tells a magazine interviewer something stupid), then plopping it into the mouth of my column. Invariably, afterward, I felt a teensy bit sick.”

So what reason does tough Smart have for featuring Paris? Well, Paris has “appeared semi-naked for a new movie”.

If this news fits with Smart’s stringent criteria, we can expect to read of Paris Hilton every day, not least of all when she performs her other talents and appears knickerless or totally naked…

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