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Madeleine McCann: An Anorakians Story

by | 14th, December 2007

IN the Anorak Forums Spudgun writes: “So when the tragedy that unfolded, concerning a young child named Madeleine McCann, in Praia da Luz on the 3rd May 2007, I was drawn to this case with perhaps a slightly greater initial interest and concern than my fellow countryman. Here was a child from my own nation, missing from a country that I love and which I consider to be my second home.

My own personal concerns and interests in this case have never particularly related to whether the McCanns are innocent or guilty, but rather, why we have a British Press and Government that appears hell bent on TELLING us that the McCann’s are inarguably innocent, and doing so in a manner that I consider threatens to seriously taint the very alliance that has existed between our countries for 630 years.

By virtue of the secrecy laws that encapsulate the Portuguese judicial system, this was always only ever going to be a case presented entirely by the media with little or next to no ‘official’ input, making it impossible to distinguish between what could be factual, fabrication or just plain speculation. From an early stage in the proceedings, however, apparent doubts and suspicions surrounding the McCanns began to surface in the Portuguese press and media, claiming to be citing Polícia Judiciária sources.

Some of these suspicions were picked up on and reprinted in the British newspapers but only ALWAYS with the added clarification that the stories were “scurrilous lies”, “outrageous allegations” or “ludicrous claims” and NEVER without the statement from “sources/friends close to the McCanns”, asserting that it was all “hurtful and unhelpful speculation”.

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