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Will Young Is A K***: An Anorak Reader Challenge

by | 18th, December 2007

will-young-posters.jpgTHE Anorak likes to think of itself as well versed in the street vernacular. But the Mirror’s news on Will Young intrigues and challenges.

In “Young’s full of bad Will” the paper hears BBC Radio1 DJ Scott Mills accuse the singer of “committing one of showbiz’s cardinal sins”.

Did Will not show “’nuff respect” to a fellow artiste? In the course of a stage show did Young shout “I love you Bournemouth” when playing Bridlington? Or when challenged to offer his views on global warming and African debt did Will forgo the chance to repeat the popstar mantra about how bad and wrong it is and instead offer “I have no idea about any of it and think it best left to politicans to sort out”?

None of those. It is said that Young did fail to sign autographs for his young fans. Says Mills: “Will used to be a nice bloke. I don’t know who he’s been handing out with, but know he’s just a k***.”

Can you fill in the missing letters and tell us what Young is? K ***?

Answers to the usual address…

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