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Angelina Jolie Moulds Shiloh Into One Of Hollywood’s Leading Sados

by | 18th, December 2007

shiloh-pitt-choc.jpgSHILOH Pitt can be seen sat on the arm of her mother, the lithesome Angelina Jolie. Both are on the cover of the National Enquirer.

More often, Shiloh can be seen sat at a corner table at Nobu Malibu, a restaurant nine out of ten Sons And Daughters of Stars (Sados) find easier to say than L’Orangerie or Spago (Suri Cruise can say all the names of LA’s leading restaurants in fifteen Earth languages).

You’d suppose wearing Armani Junior and eating miniature black cod with her homeys would give Shiloh all she needs. But the Enquirer says the girl may need more. She may need more love.

As the front-page headline asks: “DOES ANGELINA HATE HER OWN BABY?”

Says Jolie: “I felt so much more for Maddox and Pax because they are survivors and Shiloh seemed so privileged from the moment she was born”; she’s the “outcast in the family because she is so blonde and blue-eyed”.

Much shock and outrage. “What an emotional blow for Shiloh,” writes a fan.

A Dr Judy Kuriansky, a psychologist, says Angelina is “setting Shiloh up for deep psychological trauma”.

Such is the Jolie love for Shiloh. What chance do the rest of the Jolie-Pitts have of fitting in with Los Angeles society if only Shiloh is developing a psychosis? Dr Judy says Shiloh will be “consumed with insecurity” should Angelina adopt more children.

Bring them on, say we. Nothing makes for a better anecdote on a TV chatshow than a teenage life of angst and insecurity. Shiloh will thank her mother one day, and very possibly from the front page of the National Enquirer…

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