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Polar Bear Watch: Knut And Vanny Are The Future

by | 10th, January 2008

polar-bear.jpgPOLAR Bear Watch: Anorak’s look at polar bears in the news

POLAR bears continue to enjoy a good press.

It was once the way with giant panda bears. A large chuck of Britons grew up watching TV bulletins about panda bears mating, or not, as was often the case.

For such a reason, 90% per cent of adults refer to their private parts as their “Chi-chi”, “Dinga-ling” or “Dip-Dip”.

We never did see a newborn panda, but rumour is that it looks like the contests of a flasher’s mac, a pinkish, limpish, blobish wrinkle of disappointment.

No-one hears of pandas anymore. It’s all polars, these days. Like TV magicians, there is only room in our collective consciousness for one type of bear.

Before pandas it was Gentle Ben the grizzly bear, who was not related to Ben, Grizzly Adams sidekick and beard consultant, who came later.

Btu Grizzly bears and Panda bears are out. Polars are in. And there’s a young polar bear in the mouth of its mother at Nuremburg Zoo.

The keepers are taking no chances and, as the Telegraph report. Mum looks peckish. The bear is now being bottle-fed, not by its mother, rather by humans.

Last year, Berlin Zoo began to raise Knut, abandoned by its mother. Knut is boy bear. This latest polar is a girl, let’s call her Vanny.

The future of polar bears seems full of possibilities…

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