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Madeleine McCann: Robert Murat’s Relief

by | 24th, March 2008

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DAILY MIRROR: “Murat: It’s big relief”

Madeleine McCann suspect Robert Murat, 34, last night spoke of his joy that he looks likely to be officially cleared in days.

After having his computers returned, he said at his Praia da Luz home last night: “I’m so relieved.”

No mention of the Mirror’s super sleuth Lori Campbell who fingered “weird” Murat.

DAILY MAIL: “Murat could soon be cleared as Madeleine suspect after police return his possessions”

Even his computer – with the Sun’s “kid porn”.

His lawyer Francisco Pagarete said: “The police received an order from the public prosecutor to give everything back to Robert. All his items have been returned. We believe it is another step towards his clearance as a suspect. It’s a good sign.
“But we will have to wait and see. There is nothing official saying his status as an arguido is being revoked.”

Even if yesterday the Sunday People had “CLEARED” him.

No word from the The Mail’s Neil Sears, who told us: “There was something more to the friendly expat who called himself ‘Rob’ than met the eye.” Murat made Sears “feel slightly uncomfortable”.

DAILY TELEGRAPH: “Robert Murat close to being cleared over Madeleine McCann disappearance”

Robert Murat has moved a step closer to being cleared as a suspect in Madeleine McCann’s disappearance after police returned possessions seized from him 10 months ago.

Says hi mother, Jenny Murat, 74: “Every single item that the police took has been returned to us. Of course we hope it means Robert’s arguido status will be lifted shortly. But we’ve had no official confirmation that that is the case and we’re not getting too excited.”

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