Anorak News | Shannon Matthews: Craig Meehan, Vigilantes And Blaming New Labour

Shannon Matthews: Craig Meehan, Vigilantes And Blaming New Labour

by | 4th, April 2008

craigmeehan-court.jpgSHANNON Watch: Anorak’s look at the case of Shannon Matthews in the media


THE mum of Shannon Matthews ditched her lover yesterday as he appeared in court accused of possessing porn pictures of children as young as four. But she has now broken off her four-year relationship with the 22-year-old supermarket fishmonger, saying she “didn’t want to be part of his life”.

Karen acted after he appeared in court on 11 charges of possessing 130 indecent images of youngsters. Fourteen of the pictures were said to show adults having sex with children as young as 11. Others showed children aged just four performing sex acts.

Is Craig Meehan innocent?

Says one local: “He wouldn’t last a minute. People on this estate act first and ask questions later. He may be innocent, but these folk won’t wait for a judge and jury. They feel betrayed and are very angry.”

TIMES: “Shannon Matthews: Craig Meehan remanded in custody”

The partner of Shannon Matthews’s mother was remanded in custody charged with possessing 140 pornographic images of children on two computers.

Or 130 images? Meehan is a “supermarket fishmonger”. Such are the facts.

THE SUN: “I want nothing to do with him”

Meehan “was remanded in custody for his own safety”. Karen Matthews is on “suicide watch and had ended their relationship after nearly five years”.

Her pal Petra Jamieson, 30, said: “Karen has said she no longer wants to be part of Craig’s life. She hasn’t told him face to face, but I think he’ll assume that after what’s gone on. I can’t begin to imagine what’s going on in Karen’s head. She must feel sick and disgusted.”

Another pal said: “Karen wants nothing more to do with Craig. Whatever happens he’ll be looking for a new address. She asked people to clear his stuff out of her house.”

DAILY MAIL: “Shannon’s siblings are looked after by social workers”

The mother of Shannon Matthews was said to be distraught last night after it emerged that three of her other children are being looked after by social services.

Karen Matthews, 32, who has seven children by five different fathers, was believed to be staying in a “safe house” after the disclosure. “She’s absolutely devastated,” a friend said yesterday.

RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: “They promised New Jerusalem – they’ve delivered Little Britain”

Police have arrested Craig Meehan, the Little Britain lookalike who lived with the mother of Shannon Matthews. He is described as Shannon’s “stepfather”.
In what sense would that be, then?

Meehan, 22, isn’t married to Karen Matthews. By no stretch of the imagination is he anyone’s “stepfather”. At best, he is a live-in lodger who sleeps with Shannon’s mum.

But what of the case against him?

I make no comment on the charges he is facing after police allegedly found pornographic images on his computer. But I doubt whether Shannon considered him her “stepfather” despite the “tickle fights” they were said to have “enjoyed” before she disappeared.

No comment. More of a nudget and a wink.

If Shannon liked living with Meehan and her mother so much, she wouldn’t have yearned to move in with her biological father. Meehan’s uncle has been charged with kidnapping Shannon. I’m assuming it’s his real uncle, but these days you never can be sure. Family is such a loose concept on these sink estates. Karen Matthews, 32, has seven children aged between 11 and two by five different fathers. Meehan is the father of one of them. She even calls two of them “the twins” because, although they are not the same age, they at least have the same dad.

But what of the family?

One of the curious features of such “communities” is that while they often display callous indifference towards their children, they are also capable of exhibiting the most ghastly sentimentality – especially when there’s a suspected “peed-io-file” on the manor, or something happens to one of their bay-bees. The lynch mob is never far from the surface when it comes to hunting down the local “nonce”.

Not that Littlejohn is offering any comment on the case against Meehan:

At the moment, neighbours “can’t believe” that Craig Meehan is guilty of anything. He must have been fitted up, naturally.That will be for a court to decide. But if he’s found guilty, don’t be surprised if these same neighbours now professing their shock and support, decide to torch his house.

Anyone it’s the fault of the Government. Really it is:

Labour decided long ago that the white working classes were no longer worth the effort.

Everyone has an agenda…

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