Anorak News | McCann, Keeling, Matthews: Keith Waterhouse Plays Tabloid Bingo

McCann, Keeling, Matthews: Keith Waterhouse Plays Tabloid Bingo

by | 10th, April 2008

bingo1.jpgMcCANN, MATTHEWS. McKEOWN. Keith Waterhouse plays Anorak’s Tabloid Bingo

– the game that’s taking the press by storm.

The aim of the game is to get the names ‘McCann’, ‘Matthews’ and ‘MacKeown’ into your article.

In “As Pa Larkin used to say, it’s all perfick” Keith Waterhouse plays tabloid bingo.

A family of eight, living entirely on benefit allowances, managed to get as far as Goa for an extended holiday, where one of their number was murdered.

Scarlett Keeling. Tick.

But I find I have stubbed my toe against one of those sink estate dynasties for which the term “sub judice” might have been invented.

“Have you seen Shannon Matthews?’ the T- shirts asked. Now that the child is in safe hands, the question may be amended to: “So why was Shannon’s mum last seen in handcuffs?”

Shannon Matthews. Tick.

Going back yet again to Shannon and her mum, I see that someone claiming to be among their relatives has been pestering the parents of Madeleine McCann, wanting what they regard to be their cut of the fund raised for missing Madeleine in Portugal. Told that it wasn’t a general fund and that the McCanns didn’t have access to it, he explained indignantly: “But I’ve driven all the way from Dewsbury!”

Madeleine McCann. Tick.


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