Anorak News | Is Abu Qatada A Product Of Food Additives?

Is Abu Qatada A Product Of Food Additives?

by | 10th, April 2008

qatada-fat.jpg“ADDITIVES DO HARM CHILDREN,” says the Mail’s front-page headline.

Anorak looks at the page and sees a picture of Abu Qatada, “Bin Laden’s man in Britain”. He’s in a high-security British jail.

He can’t be deported to his native Jordan in case he gets bullied/ tortured/laughed at.

Sending Abu Qatada back would impact upon his human rights. We are an understanding and tolerant nation. We should be proud.

Indeed, looking at Abu Qatada, who weighs 20 stone, and reading that aforesaid headline on additives, one wonders if he is not the product of a poor childhood diet?

And if a ration of bread (wheat free), porridge and water might not make him a better man…

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