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Madeleine McCann: Tapas Seven, Private Jet and Rollerskating To The Moon

by | 11th, April 2008

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MAIL ON SUNDAY: “‘Tapas Seven demanded private jet and 5-star hotels to return to Portugal for Maddie reconstruction,’ Portuguese police claim”

Tapas Nine. Sangria Seven.

Portuguese police trying to stage a reconstruction of the night Madeleine McCann disappeared are now making allegations in the Portuguese press about the McCann’s friends. They allege the “Tapas Seven” – the friends dining with Gerry and Kate McCann last May – have refused to travel unless extravagant demands, such as private jet travel and five-star hotel accommodation, are met.Judicial sources in Portugal told the tabloid newspaper 24 horas that the families had demanded the ultra-expensive flights to the Algarve for them and their children as a condition of returning.

Reporting on the reports. In any case, how else should the “Tapas Seven” get to Portugal? And should they pay for themselves?

One said: “Requests for cooperation were sent to various people living outside of Portugal, namely the McCanns, the seven friends they were having tapas with the night Madeleine disappeared, the two spokespeople they had, a friend Gerry McCann was playing tennis with and another friend, Jeremy Wilkins.

“We’ve already received several responses. No one’s said ‘no’.

“But the demands they make to return are impossible to entertain.

“One of the couples demanded a private jet to travel with their children to the Algarve. Another demanded they be put up in a five-star hotel.

“The demands they all made demonstrate a clear strategy by lawyers. The only thing missing from the list was a request that we send them to the moon on skates.”

Madeleine McCann: Paying a heavy price

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