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Cher Chanelle Hayes Is Back On Big Brother

by | 16th, April 2008

cher-chanelle.jpgIF CHANELLE Hayes has proved on thing it is that Andy Warhol was wrong when he said: “In the future everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes.”

Ok, maybe not wrong, just not specific enough. When the future begins was not detailed, but it cannot come soon enough.

Know that, Big Brother alumnus Chanelle has been famous for almost a year.

Star readers can recognise her by her first name alone – a nominal fame that even the singer Cher (born Cherilyn) manufactured – and by the curve of her backside (again something Cher was forced to make up).

Both name and bum feature on the paper’s front page. And there’s a headline promise that Chanelle is “back in the BB house”.

In the house, Chanelle poses in her knickers and bra. Some would say there is little mystery with Chanelle, with it all hanging out. But no. There is much debate at Anorak Towers as to whether Chanelle removes her clothes to reveal her knickers and bra combo or walks about naked pulling on her undies when a camera approaches?

Answers on a chicken fillet to the usual address.

In any case, Chanelle has a message for anyone who wants to be on Big Brother, aka Nigel Winalot, a mad keen Newcastle United fan and part-time Arkela from Gateshead.

One tip is that Nigel should not “dress up”.

See Chanelle…

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