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60 Is The New 40 In Portsmouth, A City Divided By Fat

by | 18th, April 2008

porstmouth-fat.pngTHEY’VE never had it so good in Portsmouth, where one quarter of the locals are seriously overweight.

Londoners forced to subsist on skinny coffees and lo-cal yoghurt can look on with unbridled envy.

But news is that the Pompey Pokers are not overweight enough.

Should they require an operation to stop them from eating too much – thus sparing some food for the town’s other three-quarters who want to bulk up – the Pompey Pokers need to boast a body mass index of 60.

Government guidelines are to operate when the porker achieves a BMI of 40, but so fat are they in Pompey that 60 is the new 40.

Says Dr Sally Nelson, medical advisor for NHS South Central: “We are seeing a level of demand beyond what we estimated. Our surgeons simply do not have the capacity to operate on every morbidly obsese person.”

So to qualify for the op, Pompey Pokers need to bulk up. And that means less food for the rest of the area’s residents.

It’s a tricky situation, and something must be done before Portsmouth becomes a more divided society of the impressively fat and the terrible thin…

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