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A Month Of Sundays For The Spanish Calendar Girls

by | 18th, April 2008

calandar-girls.jpgTHE only group not have produced an erotic calendar is the Royal Family, and then only because Diana insisted on a wearing a bikini and Fergie’s toes only stretch to eleven months of the year.

The latest raunchy calendar girls are seven middle-aged Spanish mothers who posed to raise money for their children’s school.

Such was the clamour to see seven middle-aged women in various stages of undress that they are now saddled with debt and 5,000 unwanted copies.

“The sad part for us is figuring out what to do with them because it is not something you can recycle,” says Rosa Garin, 36, one of the models in the vilalge of Serradilla del Arroyo.

Itziar Zamarreno, a 40-year-old town councillor, appears as Miss October. She is draped in a fox fur and holds a borrowed shotgun. Says she: “I do not like to hunt. I do not like to kill things. But we had to do something representative”.

Representative of what is not explained…

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