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The Pete Doherty Museum Opens

by | 21st, April 2008

pete-doherty-crack.jpgWELCOME to the Peter Doherty museum.

The Mirror says the nine-bedroom maisonette Doherty calls home boasts human blood and scribble on the walls, the stench of nine cats (a bedroom for each?) and no curtains.

The Mirror says this is all too terrible. It’s a “bloody Shambles”.

Now the paper says Doherty has been kicked out of his home, which is not as bad as it sounds since he is currently staying at Her Majesty’s pleasure.

And it’s not too bad for the home’s owner, who can now open the doors – or kick them off the hinges – at the Doherty Museum.

Wipe your feet on the human excrement on the way in…

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