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Heather Mills In ‘Lesbian Romp’

by | 22nd, April 2008

heather_lesbian.jpgGIVEN the meanness of the divorce settlement, it would only ever be a matter of time before we read something like: “MUCCA’S ‘£10K lesbian romp’.”

It has been claimed that Lady Heather Mills, described as “horny”, on the Star’s front page, “was paid £10,000 for acting out girl-on-girl fantasy sex.”

The source of this shocker is Denise Hewitt, described as “kinky” and an “ex-call girl”. Says she: “Girls in Newcastle do it for free. But we’d get £10,000 for our girlie-girlie scenes.”

Those rich clients, Saudi Princes and non doms whom Denise claims hired she and Lady Heather to pose in a lesbian tableau should know that a flight from London to Newcastle is less than £10,000, and should leave enough chance for a packet of chips, a pint of curry sauce and the all important flight out of Newcastle.

Doubters may wonder if Denise should be believed. After all, if a woman will have sex for money what will she do for fame and a showing on Heather Mills: What Really Happened, a Channel 4 expose on the woman Paul McCartney saw fit to marry and breed with?

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