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That Chanelle Hayes And Danny DeVito Sex Tape In Full

by | 23rd, April 2008

chanelle-hayes-sex-tape.jpgWHAT odds on there being a Chanelle Hayes sex tape? And what odds it being released/ found/ stolen by builders in the run up to Big Brother?

The odds would be slimmer than Victoria Beckham in a rake factory.

So here is the Chanelle Hayes sex tape, as broadcast by the Daily Star. Or not.

The video has sent the internet into “meltdown”. We shall have to make do with a few stills form it that the Star managed to grab.

And we see Chanelle having it off with – shock of shocks – Danny De Vito.

The Star, somewhat cruelly, says the other party is a puppet being used to promote a new telly show called Fur TV.

Says one “amazed viewer”: “At one point he’s ever simulating sex with Chanelle at the same time as giving a cheeky thumbs-up to the camera.”

Were De Vito only so talented.

We look again and conceded that it might well be a puppet, or a division two footballer…

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