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DisneyStan: Building Baghdad’s Disneyland

by | 23rd, April 2008

disneyland-baghdad.jpgIF you wanted to attract Islamic terrorists you would:

a) Send a Royal to Iraq to flush out the enemy and so facilitate an easier slaughter (Done)
b) Be Jewish
c) Sell Anorak’s Ez-Wire beard trimming kits at a discount to virgins
d) Form Al Qaeda

Or e) Build a Disney-style them part in downtown Baghdad.

Llewellyn Werner and his private equity associates plan to bring you The Baghdad Zoo and Entertainment Experience, a sprawling American-style amusement park.
As the Times reports, the terrorist magnet will feature a skateboard park, rides, a concert theatre and a museum. It is being designed by the same firm that developed Disneyland.

Says Mr Werner: “The people of Iraq need this kind of positive influence. It’s going to have a huge psychological impact.”

Indeed it is. But the plan is clearly a ruse to attract the enemy and as they step aboard the Magic Carpet Ride screaming “Death to Amerika” blow them to smithereens.

The only hope is that the gung-ho Americans do not see the park as their own thrill centre and take to offering points and prizes for number of insurgents killed and the style of their offing.

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