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English Barred From Pubs And Boston Toasts

by | 24th, April 2008

boston.jpg“BRIT PUBS BAN ON ENGLISH DRINKERS…but it’s OK if you are a Pole,” says the Star’s front-page headline.

You could pretend to be a Pole at the Punch And Judy pub in Covent Garden, where signs of Englishness, such as cross of St George beanie hats, tattoos and thongs, are banned.

But Lisa Rathbone didn’t get the message, and failing to arrive with a hod over her shoulder and a promise to do the job cheaper and better, found her way to the bar blocked.

“We are not thugs,” says she, “we have some out to celebrate St George’s Day and have a normal drink. She then offers the popular refrain: “Who the hell’s country is it now?”
Ms Rathbone understands what it means to be English, offering a traditional complaint.

But she could try harder. Over in Boston, Lincolnshire, a sign in the pub window says “No English”. The Star says the ban sparked a riot. Shops were looted, a police car set on fire and windows smashed by “enraged yobs”.

As the Mirror says: “Here in Boston, Lincs, integration is working.” Boston is in “POLE POSITION”. The paper’s ‘Hope Not Hate’ battle bus is not needed here.

The Star says that at 9:30 yesterday “millions of pub-goers in boozers all over England” joined a communal “national toast”.

Ergo the police car. But not the bus…

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