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Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s Game Of Rat And Mouse

by | 24th, April 2008

guy-and-madonna.jpgMORE insights into Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s behind closed doors action as the Mockney puts own his mobile phone to talk about house pricezzzz…

He says that immigrants have changed the market. Says Ritchie: “And as anyone who has tried to buy a house in central London knows, it’s almost impossible to do so unless you have ten million quid.”

That’s £10million pounds to you Londoners. And, as luck has it, Guy and is lovely American wife Madonna, do have such an amount, indeed they have enough to own six home houses in the capital.

Says Guy (American for Geyser) in Empire magazine: “The natives are being left behind because the big money came in and if it wanted something it bought it and made a fortune.”

Not that Ritchie is a native Londoner, having been born into no great poverty rural Hertfordshire.

But the point is well made. If Londoners want to afford a string of big houses in London, they should be born rich or marry a foreigner…

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