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Florida Plates For A Christian State

by | 24th, April 2008

jesus-car.jpg“I BELIEVE,” says the number plate of the car in front.

And what the people in the car in front believe in is Jesus. How valuable it is to have an insight into your fellow driver’s state of mind and set of beliefs.

In Florida the state legislative is looking into the merits of a number plate that carries a Christian cross, a stained-glass window and the words “I Believe.”

The inference is that I believe in Jesus.

If the plate is allowed, Florida would become the first state to have a license plate featuring a religious symbol that’s not part of a school logo.

This being America, of course, once the plate is on other religious groups will demand their own versions. There will accidents between religious groups and someone will plot a graph showing that Jews are far more likely to be involved in a traffic accident with Jesuits than Catholics who in turn are five times more likely to be rear ended by a Hindu.

Insurance companies will take into account your religious beliefs and those of your neighbours when assessing premiums. For a Muslim in Alabama, the premiums will be such that anyone who can afford them might as well by an Aston Martin and run it on burning five dollar bills.

The Star of David will be found to stand out more at night and so be safer than a crescent or the aforesaid cross, lest it be a burning one.

Of course, given the size of the typical American, the religion of choice will be Buddhist. And they should walk…

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