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Grand Theft Auto: Knives And Losing Your Legs With Andy McNab

by | 30th, April 2008

grand-theft-auto.jpgGRAND Theft Auto IV is on the streets.

It’s the game that will turn everyone into a car thief, and car thieves into stay-at-home video game players.

The Sun journeys to Croydon, where game fans, driven mad by the flashing images and far-out sounds, are standing in a disorderly queue waiting for their chance to seize the item in exchange for money.

Something is said. A boy lies bleeding. Says Marcus Henderson: “It seemed like a scene straight form the game itself.”

Another witness says he thought it was promotional trick. And it might be. But the Sun sees a “huge gash” and a “victim…covered in blood”.

The paper sees the victim taken to hospital, leaving hospital and “refusing to make a complaint”.

The Sun is left with little option other than to put away knives, steer clear of Croydon and play the game for itself. Will it be driven mad?

Says our intrepid writer: “Last night I stole 3 cars, outran the police in a high-speed chase, dealt drugs, shot a crimelord and picked up a prostitute.”

Who now dares say that investigative journalism isn’t what it used to be? But what about the game?

For an insight, we need Andy McNab, the Sun’s Security Advisor, the “SAS Hero” whose two-dimensional silhouette lends him all the qualities of a fantasy figure.

Says he: “If you kill someone you can see the look in their eyes, you can even smell their breath.”

Fighter pilots and soldiers with mile-long rifle sites nod in agreement. Says McNab: “Playing one of these games you may think you’re experiencing a lot, in reality you are just sitting near a computer screen.” Which is nothing like being in a modern tank, say, a navigator on a battleship or an RAF pilot.

Adds Andy: “In real life if you make a mistake you lose your legs.” It’s what video game players call “cramp”, or “fizzy feet”.

Take care…

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