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Bluebell Day For Groundhogs In The Daily Express

by | 2nd, May 2008

daily-express.bmpIT’S Groundhog Day in the Express, or Bluebell Day, as the paper calls it.

“Battle of the bluebells,” says the headline.

“Spanish invaders threaten our favourite flower.”

On April 26, 2006, the paper warned readers of the Spanish invader – the scentless Spanish bluebell creeping out of the flowerbeds and into woodlands.

Now it’s back. And it’s still creeping.

Other news in the Express is that it still costs 40p. You can read about it on the paper’s front page.

It cost 40p yesterday, too. And yesterday it was also 10p cheaper than the Daily Mail and “TEN TIMES BETTER”.

How does the Express replace quotidian tales of Princess Diana and Madeleine McCann?

For now it goes with Bluebells and its price tag…

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