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The Convicts’ Poker Rodeo

by | 2nd, May 2008

IT’S hard to look at the cards when there’s an aroused bull approaching from the rear.


Is that tell on the other’s players face, a bead of sweat, or is it a line of snot flicked from the bull’s flared nostrils?

This is entertainment in the USA. This is rodeo day at Angola Prison, Louisiana, where Convicts’ Poker is the go.

The game’s winner is the last man sitting as the bull stampedes the table. He gets $50.

The show’s finale is called Guts and Glory. The clue is in the title.

A £300 poker chip is situated between the horns of an angry bull. The winner is the one who gets it. The loser is the one who, er, gets it.

It’s all thanks to warden Burl Cain, a devout Christian, who sees Angola as “the land of new beginnings”.

He tells the Mail: “”Most people are going to die in here. I can’t save their lives, but I can help save their souls. My mamma told me that I was responsible for their souls.

“God is going to hold me accountable. Therefore I took her seriously; you have got to do what your mamma tells you.”

No bull…

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