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More Farting Please, We’re French

by | 4th, May 2008

perfumer.jpgFRENCH medic Frédéric Saldmann wants a “May ’68” of the body.

In his work Le Grand Ménage (Spring cleaning), Saldmann says his countrymen should “dare to fart”.

This is not because M,. Saldmann wants to preserve the French national identity – well, not only that – but because dating, belching and burping can prevent cancer.

Dr Saldmann also recommends throwing out anti-perspirants. “To block sweat not only stops the elimination of toxins,” he writes, “but also a certain number of messages that are potentially very attractive to the opposite sex.”

That’s right, the French – the people synonymous with perfume (that heady combination of urine, whale sick and celebrity extracts) – use personal hygiene products to harness their natural scent.

They should resist, and keep their country the way it has been for centuries…


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