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Revenge Is Useless On Facebook

by | 8th, May 2008

facebook.jpgMEET Mathew O’Mara, the subject of the Sun’s: “Sweet revenge on Facebook.”

A SCORNED woman got her own back on her ex by messaging ALL his 445 Facebook friends – branding him an idle, sponging liar who watched PORN all day.

The woman, who has chosen not to make her name known, says her revenge is worth it – she claims he owes her money and is now unlikely to see it.

But telling a Facebook goup that the Facebook user is a porn surfing idle swine is akin to revealing that Jordan sleeps on her back. It’s most likely what his group like about him. He’s one of them.

Such is the way of the web that had the woman said Mr O’Mara was into fyring his testicles in yak butter and had once embroidered a likeness of Anthea Turner onto his duvet, he would be inundated with messages of support from likeminded coves and asked for tips on how best to reflect Anthea’s blowaway hair on nylon sheets.

The woman should go back and consider her actions, and think of how better to have enacted her revenge.

Anorak suggests she posts Mr O’Mara’s name, email and postal addresses on a Madeleine McCann obsessed website and write that he thinks the parents did it or are innocent.

Before long, he’ll be scared to turn his computer back on or leave the house…

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