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A More Stable Life With Noel Gallagher’s Ex Meg Matthews

by | 9th, May 2008

meg-matthews.bmp“MEG MATTHEWS RETURNS TO PRIMROSE HILL,” says Hello magazine.

Matthews, who was for a time married to jobbing John Lennon impersonator Noel Gallagher, lives in a “box house”.

What a box house is we cannot say for certain, but we have every reason to imagine it smells of new shoes, stale air and tobacco. It is, though, not a magic box because Matthews is keen for her daughter Anais to be creatively stimulated and not “sat at home playing Nintendo”.

Meg is billed as “rock chick” but she sounds like a middle-class housewife from the Home Counties. She has just bought Anais her “first pony”, Megastar, and the young scamp “spends every waking minute at our local stables”.

Those Londoners who know of stables in Primrose Hill can now realise that the layers of turd that cover the green space are not all made by dogs and wayward clubbers but horses, too.

So keen is Anais on riding that we see her sat on a large orange plastic dog. Matthews has spent periods in rehab and we wonder if this is Megastar, and if pretending it is a live pony is part of Anais’ creative education?

Anais also “swims like a fish” and goes to the Sylvia Young stage school for lessons in “singing, dancing and acting”. Should Black Beauty ever be made into new series featuring a mighty neon plastic stallion, Anais is a shoo-in for the part of a young Anna Sewell.

Anais then sits in her bedroom, propped up behind a massive pink rabbit with a patch over one eye. The name of this stuffed night terror is not given, but if we were to guess at a name, we’d go for Primrose Hill Boy or Merrylegs…

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