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Daily Mail Heels Jeanette Rooney

by | 13th, May 2008

rooney2.jpgLAST seen lumbering from the sea in images not seen since Saving Private Ryan, Jeanette Rooney, mother to Wayne Rooney (footballer), is in the Mail once again.

The new Jeanette is seven stone lighter then the old Jeanette, slimed down in time for her son’s wedding to Coleen McLoughlin.

To the untrained eye Jeanette look just fine, but how does he feel?

The Mail invites a Dr Alex Karadis, a plastic surgeon billed as “leading”, to appraise Jeanette.

The skin around her arms is “ragged and loose”. She could do “more to improve her FACE”. The skin is “really saggy and lined”.

Jeanette is 41, but the good doctor says she looks older, say 48 or 49.

Not to worry though Jeanette, the doctor and his knife can help. And if he can’t he knows a doctor who can – and this one’s got pills…

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