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Enlightened Glasgow Rangers Teach Zenit Thugs To Unite For Common Good

by | 14th, May 2008

glasgow-rangers-zenit.jpg“EUROPE’S most racist fans come to Britain (and there’s not a black player in sight),” says the Independent.

Tonight it’s the Uefa Cup final and Glasgow Rangers are taking on Zenit St Petersburg at the City of Manchester Stadium.

In a bid to give Zenit some kind of face, the Indy shows one of the club’s fans dressed in a balaclava and wearing a black leather glove and no shirt. He looks not unlike Michael Jackson trying to negotiate a typical British summer.

But he is, we are assured, a rabid thug, a hooligan the likes of which British football has never seen, moreover an enlightened club like Glasgow Rangers.

Zenit, we learn, is the only major club in Russia with no black players. This might be significant, but Arsenal have fielded teams with no English players and no-one has suggested that was a deliberate policy based on race.

But it’s all true. There is racism in football. And we British are shocked and saddened to learn of it.

However, there is no small hope that the Rangers faithful can instruct their rivals in how we do it over here and before the night is out all fans are giving full throat to The Sash and uniting in a pledge to kill every Papist this side of the Vatican…

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