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Police Log: An Occasional Look At Crime In The US

by | 18th, May 2008

police-funny-1.jpgPOLICE Log An occassional look inside the report book’s of America’s finest…

12:32 a.m – Newton Police received a report of a wire across the roadway on Smith Corner Road. Police found the wire not to be connected to anything. Removed wire.

1:38 a.m — A suspicious vehicle on Eastern Avenue is demystified — a citizen is dropping off his girlfriend.

2:59 a.m — Suspicions cloud Eastern Avenue again, but ’tis only someone walking to their aunt’s trailer.

4:22 a.m – Harvard University Police: “Officer dispatched to a report of two individuals having a staring match.”

7:53 a.m — On Wakefield Street, at McDonald’s a gentleman tries to jump into a vehicle “to go to Charles Street to kill someone.” Then a citizen is sprayed, and there is spitting all over a cruiser. John Lindsey, 42, of 15 Salmon Falls Estates is charged with resisting arrest or detention, simple assault on law enforcement, criminal trespass, disorderly conduct and breach of bail conditions

10:30 a.m — It has been vindictively written on a Laundromat wall that a certain lady steals furniture, and her phone number has been supplied. Now the victim says she is receiving phone calls about it. Whether these calls are critical, or from people seeking her services is uncertain.

1:23 p.m. A person not taking his brain medicine decided to spray paint his house and driveway purple.

1:50 p.m — An officer retrieved keys left by customers at the post office over a period of time.

6:44 p.m — Police were called to Rockland Street where a resident complained about a neighbor bending her car mirror backwards.

7:26 p.m – Newton Police received a report from a number of people who were seeing a substantial number of dead fish in Country Pond and were concerned. In all, approximately 30 dead fish were observed between the boat ramp and the town beach. Police spoke with an officer with the New Hampshire Fish & Game Department, who stated it was a statewide phenomenon caused by lack of oxygen in the lake water because of the extreme winter.

9:44 p.m — On Congress Street someone reports someone threw a cup at her vehicle. Police cannot respond quickly, as they have a lot on their plate.

10:04 p.m — A miniature dachshund called Oscar goes missing from Sandstone Lane. Later his owner calls to say she has found her dog. Someone has struck and killed Oscar.

11:02 p.m – A person at home with his doors locked answered his phone, and an unknown caller told him that “I’m gonna hit you upside the head with a golf club in five seconds.” Thankfully, the prediction did not come true.

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