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Jolie Bad: Angelina Is Amy Winehouse’s Herion

by | 19th, May 2008

jolie-winehouse.pngHAVING failed to bring Amy Winehouse and Paul Burrell to justice, the Sun opens the tape on Angelina Jolie.

In “heroin to heroine”, Jolie “hangs out at a drugs den”. The sum of the Sun’s evidence is, as ever, a “grainy video”, this one shows Jolie “wide-eyed and babbling”.

What change there? But it turns out Jolie is not promoting her new movie, rather she is stood by someone who is “casually smoking heroin”. It is 1999. The video came to light on May 1.

How the Sun knows this unnamed woman is smoking heroin is not said. But the drug might have got to Jolie, who is said to be suffering from “heavy” eyelids and “dishevelled hair”.

Do you see? Are you watching, Amy Winehouse. The Sun’s Gordon Smart says it is a lesson for you.

Jolie shows what you can achieve if you “stopped pumping rubbish” into your body. Angelina is a “true role model”.

Indeed she is an example to one and all.

The message is clear: so long as you are rich and famous you can take as many drugs as you like in your youth and still be feted by the world’s media.

Party on, Amy…

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