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Immigrants Boom For Passport Industry

by | 21st, May 2008

immigrants-passports.jpg“IMMIGRATION SOARS TO NEW RECORD,” says the Express’ front-page screamer. “It’s no wonder two million Britons have moved abroad.”

The Express says that “migrants are being handed British passports at a rate of one every three minutes”.

A first or renewed adult passports costs at least £72 (it costs £97 to fast-track one, and £114 for a same-day service). The Home Office Identity & Passport Service is earning £1,440 an hour from passports; £34,560 a day; £241,920 a week.

The Government is doing very well from the trade in ID documents.

And then there are those Britons who have needed a passport to flee the country, and so secure not just a foreign plumber who costs 34p and hour but all their full contingent of foreign staff.

Since 1997 two million Britons have left the country, “fed up with failing public services, rising crime and the spiralling tax and cost-of-living burden”.

The Express has no data to support that claim, and a straw poll at aboard the Anorak ComfiBus finds that:

24% are leaving because the drink is cheaper in Spain
19% want to avoid the EastEnders omnibus
16% are fearful of meeting Ant ‘n’ Dec
35% can’t speak Polish

• Figures calculated by the UK GCSE Appreciation Society, Benidorm Chapter…


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