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The SPECTRE Of Scientology

by | 21st, May 2008

SCIENTOLOGY is a religion. So is cat worship. So is being an Anorakian. Why? Because we say so, that’s why and anyone who says otherwise will be shouted down:

Scientology is a balls-out racket. It is a scam. Scientology’s auditing process (and this is where the cultic, once your in, your in, for the duration thing comes-up – doesn’t the mafia work like that too?) means revealing your deepest secrets, regrets and sins to the “church”. Unlike the Catholics who rigourously enforce the confidentiality of the confessional the Scientologists will, if you ever threaten to leave, use it against you.

Everyone has things that they would destroy them if they were publicised. I once orchestrated a coup in a small African country from a base in an extinct volcano with the aid of a lot of fit-birds in 1960’s specs and very short lab coats, holding clipboards for no apparent reason, whilst I stroked my Persian cat. That should never be revealed. Oh, bugger! Like all Bond villians I give it away towards the end.

Any fits birds in Scientology?

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