Anorak News | Who Bares Sins: SAS Action With Tania Zaetta, Andy McNab And John Terry

Who Bares Sins: SAS Action With Tania Zaetta, Andy McNab And John Terry

by | 23rd, May 2008

tania_zaetta.jpgTANIA Zaetta is, says the Sun, best known in Australia for hosting her daredevil action girl show Who Dares Wins.

In papers released by the Australian MoD, four members of that country’s special forces claim to have bedded Tania on her moral boosting trip to Afghanistan – “and had photos and video to prove it”.

Ms Zaetta denies all claims.

In such moments it is customary for the Sun to summon its shadowy Defence Expert Andy McNab and hear what visiting celebs and glamour models can and cannot do in the battle zone.

But McNab is otherwise employed, dispatched on a mission to answer the question:

“FOOTBALL hardman John Terry blubbed like a baby after his scuffed spot-kick helped lose Chelsea the Champions League trophy in a nail-biting shootout. But is it ever okay for sportsmen to cry?”

McNab, who last cried when he wanted to test if the canoe he’d fashion from a hollowed out Iraqi was seaworthy says:

“It’s as though the minute they are down they become exposed for the wimps they really are.

If Terry had buried that penalty he would have been punching the air, getting in the faces of the Man Utd players and acting like the big man.

Instead he sits down and sobs like a toddler who has lost its mum. It’s the biggest cry – literally – for attention I have ever seen.

And should Terry be looking for a new career after his football failure, McNab offers a cautionary: “And I tell you this – you wouldn’t find any of Terry’s blubbing antics in the SAS.”

Or shagging celebs in his Hummer…

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