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Gordon Ramsay’s Basin Camp

by | 26th, May 2008

ramsey.jpgSAYS TV chef Gordon Ramsay: “Everest has always been my dream. I am very keen to do it. As you get older the chances to stretch yourself physically become fewer.”

Ramsay is wrong – as you get older you get more and more chances to stretch yourself physically, and many is the octogenarian who has planted a flag in his commode, proud at having reached “Bas(in) Camp”.

But before panicky Ramsay can be the fist person to tell a Sherpa to “fuck off”, and hear his inspirational catchphrase echo across the Himalayan valleys, he will tackle the Iron Man triathlon in Hawaii on his 42nd birthday in November.

Ramsay’s training regime includes two-hour runs “wearing a backpack full of spuds, surfing and Raisin Bran”.

But – shock of shock – Ramsay has an ulcer that he blames on eating the local food while filming Kitchen Nightmares in the US.

Says he: “I’ve just been told I’ve got an ulcer from eating crap. I swear to God, I’m so p****d off.”

Or as they say in the foothills of Nepal – pissed-ed-ed-ed off-off-off-off…

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