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Jeremy Clarkson Is 186Mph And Out

by | 28th, May 2008

jeremy-clarkson2.jpgJEREMY Clarkson replies to Rosie Boycott’s question as to what is the fastest he has ever driven: “On the public roads…186.”

What car did you do it in, Jezza? Was it an unmarked police car, a Rover 75 or a tuned up milk float?

The Mail has stopped listening, at least it has stopped listening to Clarkson. Says the Mail: BBC urged to sack Jeremy Clarkson after he admits driving at 186mph on public road.

It turns out that the people suing the BBC to remove Clarkson’s wheels are someone from Brake, a group that doesn’t sound as if it champions speed, and Brigitte Chaudhry of Roadpeace (vroom!)

No other names of the outraged are given, but rest assured they are many…

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