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Critics Review Fern Britton Weight Loss DVD

by | 3rd, June 2008

FERN Britton weight loss DVD in hand, we flip the over and cover see what the reviewers are saying about it.

Mirror reader T. Blair: “”This is the most sickening act of deception I think I have come across.”

Fern Britton: “So anything you’ve read that has anything I’ve said about image, diet, bla bla bla, I haven’t said.

Britton, Fern: Who wants to be a slave to all the fads and put your body through stresses and strains it doesn’t need?

Message boards: “Gastric band!….Wot no 100% commitment to dieting?….She sort of cheated big time didn’t she!…. Whats the title of her her next book/fitness DVD ‘How To Do The London Marathon On A Moped’?”

Soaraway Sun: Fern: I’m not a big fat fibber

Amanda Platell: “Yes, technically speaking, she never lied. But, sometimes, hiding the truth can be as bad as lying. Isn’t her omission a bit like the husband who says he never lied to his wife about his mistress because she never asked?”

Shocked n Dismayed: “Fern has diminished not just in size but also in stature.”

Wendy Sloane: “I’m paying for the operation myself, about £7,000. I look at it this way: if I lose the weight, I can get back into all my clothes, so I won’t need to buy any new ones.”

Slim Whiteman: Gastric band?…. That should really drastically reduce the stomachs capacity for food intake!….They’ll only be enough daily room to eat one whole Victoria Beckham!

Alternative Therapy: “Why not do it the cheaper way? Ditch the surgery and just wrap a gastric band a few times around around the biscuit tin until it’s too tight to open?”

And many, many more…

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